This year we will present our financial needs in a new way during Sharathon.

  • In years past, we have used our Share-athon on-air time to just raise the Remaining Monthly Need for KSWP/KAVX.
  • But we realized that many of you weren’t aware that we have a lot of people who love this ministry and have already said they would continue to support this ministry financially and we weren’t including their support in our total during Sharathon.
  • So this year, we are going to tell you the total monthly need for the entire ministry ($69,000/Month) and we are also going to tell you how much many of you have already given. Then together, we can all go for new monthly goal we need to keep this ministry going strong this year!
  • We don’t want to leave anyone out. We are thankful for those who have given and are thankful for those who are going to are going to give.
  • You don’t have to wait until Sharathon starts to make a gift. You can do that right now, because you know, your gift will be included in that amazing total we will announce when we start the on-air portion of our Spring Sharathon! Give on-line at or
  • All gifts will go to our monthly operational needs. Yes, you can even make a one-time gift to monthly operations, because every single gift is important.

This year we will also present a Special Impact Project – the Need Two generators – One (1) for the Studio and one (1) for the transmitter site and all of the switches, wires, pipe, and propane storage tanks that go with it.

  • Generators will provide a voice of hope…Sharing Hope during Disasters when the power fails.
  • This infrastructure investment will serve for decades.
  • Generators, strongly mandated by the FCC, keep KSWP & KAVX communicating vital information and hope to you, your family & friends.
  • Listeners need disaster information, emergency resources and ministry needs met during power outages or emergencies.
  • Generators will meet all of these needs and more.

Give to:


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