New Year, New You

Happy New Year! With the arrival of 2014, there comes an opportunity... A possibililiy to make all things new. If you plan to grow, you will likely bump into a change that needs to take place. Sure you may make another New Year’s resolution and vow to lose weight, quit smoking, or go to church more. But how about a change from the inside out? A real change! There is … [Read more...]

Finish Strong, Start Strong

Thank you for giving to KSWP and KAVX Radio! Thanks for helping to "Serve others in real ways as you Share Hope that Changes Lives and Connects People to a Real and Loving God" Your prayerful and financial support makes a huge difference. "Your radio ministry helps me remember that no matter what is going on, God IS in control! He is strong enough so I don't have to be!" - … [Read more...]

Thank You, You Make A Difference

Thank you for giving to KSWP and KAVX Radio! Thanks for investing in lives. Thank you for a keeping KSWP and KAVX strong!. Your prayerful and financial support makes a huge difference. Share-athon ended with over 100% pledged, $95,688 dollars! THANK YOU for your generosity! Thank you for blessing your family, others in this area and around the world. "Your radio … [Read more...]

You Hear God Stories Here

You hear God Stories of miracles and answered prayer every day in your life. The hope you provide shines a bright light to the hurting and discouraged. At KSWP and KAVX, you hear true stories of real people whose lives have been wonderfully changed forever. You can read and hear stories with just a click on the link, PrayerWorks Stories. Now that Share-athon … [Read more...]

What is Share-athon

Your gifts and donations allow KSWP and KAVX to do tomorrow what we did today...and every day. That means listeners just like you financially support this ministry. Share-athon, A Celebration... of what God is doing through the KSWP & KAVX Radio Ministry. You help KSWP & KAVX create life so you can know God, never feel alone and your gifts and time help to make Him … [Read more...]

Praise & Prayer

God works in your life daily and Monday, October 14th, you will have the chance to tell somebody during a day of Praise & Prayer. You have probably heard other stories from other listeners on how God has changed their lives. One story is missing, and that is YOURS! Call us at 800-944-8443 and tell your Story! It could be something that God is doing in your life through … [Read more...]


When God does something wonderful in your life, it’s hard to keep it a secret. You tell your spouse and children. You coworkers and church members. You tell friends. Please tell KSWP and KAVX. Your story can encourage, bring tears of joy, a smile, happiness, and salvation. Share your story now at 800 944 8443. … [Read more...]

You are responsible

You are responsible for changing a life through 90.9 KSWP and 91.9 KAVX. Your prayers and financial gifts are responsible for getting the message of hope, joy, and Love throughout your hometown. You can help a terrible life become a changed life. You can keep Christian music for your family in ears everywhere with your support of 90.9 KSWP and you can keep Christian … [Read more...]

You can minister to others

Did you know you can minister to others during Share-athon? Share-athon is not really about fundraising – it’s about caring, sharing, prayer, and blessing others. You can volunteer a few hours of your time and realize the impact you make on others. Jennifer is waiting to hear from you. 800 944 8443 … [Read more...]

Sharing your Love

Your love is expressed in words. Your love expressed by what you see. Your love expressed by what you hear. Your love expressed by your support – both prayerfully and financially. Share-athon begins October 15th. Express your love during Share-athon or do it early – safe, secure, and confidential Someone needs to hear about God’s love right now. Find out how you can … [Read more...]