Thank you!

sf13thankyouShare-athon can never be successful without the help of many hands.

It would be impossible to do it without you!

Thank you to Krew Leaders

Hospitality Servers

Welcome Helpers

Office Volunteers

The Food Dude

The Prayer Team

The Phone volunteers

the businesses that provided food and refreshments, and a big THANK YOU to you for giving during Share-athon

Change a Life – Call now!

changesYour gift can change a life.

Christian music on KSWP and Teaching and Talk on KAVX reaches thousands of listeners around the area and many more via the internet.

Whether God leads you to give $10/month, $100/month or a one-time gift, it all helps to declare the Good News in this area and around the world.

The goal for Share-athon is $95,000.

You can call, help reach the goal, help spread the Gospel, and help encourage others.

800 944 8443

A God Story is a Reason

God-Stories_web_banner3_thumbYou really don’t need a reason to listen… but, still you often call and share them.

Reasons like:

  • Someone actually took the time to pray with me.
  • I heard about calling and sharing my story. I did and the DJ said it brought tears to his eyes.
  • My mom had to have surgery and I just needed someone to talk to.
  • There is nothing else on the radio that can change the way I think! Thank you!

No matter the story, it’s a great reason to get involved and change lives.

Share-athon beginning Tuesday morning on 90.9 KSWP and 91.9 KAVX.

A Few Seats Left

few seatsShare-athon is filling up quick!

Listeners just like you have been calling and saying, “I want to help!”

There are still a few seats left for answering the phones.

And there are a few more helpful positions available.

Call today and say, “I want to help!”

800 944 8443

Praise and Prayer

Youth-group-PrayingYour story has the power to change someone’s life

You probably don’t think so but it’s true.

Sharing a story has a strong influence on others.

Praise and Prayer Day is designed to do just that; change lives.

A burden or struggled shared with friends is easier to bear

A shared story can let someone know there is hope.

When you share it helps someone and then when they share it helps another

See how much fun sharing can be when you call!

Share on Praise and Prayer Day – Monday on KSWP and KAVX!