Help Others the Holidays!

1207quad mangerJust a couple of hours of your time translate into a priceless gift for someone in need.

Plan to help the Manger Network and Toys for Tots sort toys and gifts for those less fortunate this year.

Help focus your family on giving versus getting this Christmas

Sorting is Thursday and distribution is on Saturday, December 19th at 9am.

Just call for details – 800 944 8443

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PrayerWorks is Timeless

prayerMaybe you are just glad 2014 is about over and praying 2015 brings happier times!

Whether you’ve lost a loved one or lost a job this year – prayer can bring happier times.

And your prayer needs are very important to the staff and intercessors.

So how can we help you with prayer?

The mission in the New Year won’t change. It’s to serve you by being real!

Call today 1-800-944-8443 or visit PrayerWorks.

PrayerWorks is interactive so you can send a note to someone or let them know you prayed for them while you’re there.

A Few Seats Left

few seatsShare-athon is filling up quick!

Listeners just like you have been calling and saying, “I want to help!”

There are still a few seats left for answering the phones.

And there are a few more helpful positions available.

Call today and say, “I want to help!”

800 944 8443

Praise and Prayer

Youth-group-PrayingYour story has the power to change someone’s life

You probably don’t think so but it’s true.

Sharing a story has a strong influence on others.

Praise and Prayer Day is designed to do just that; change lives.

A burden or struggled shared with friends is easier to bear

A shared story can let someone know there is hope.

When you share it helps someone and then when they share it helps another

See how much fun sharing can be when you call!

Share on Praise and Prayer Day – Monday on KSWP and KAVX!


whatstoryWhen God does something wonderful in your life, it’s hard to keep it a secret.
You tell your spouse and children.
You coworkers and church members.
You tell friends.
Please tell KSWP and KAVX.
Your story can encourage, bring tears of joy, a smile, happiness, and salvation.
Share your story now at 800 944 8443.